Noemí Molins


It all started … a very warm spring afternoon. There by May of 2017.

It’s the fault of the renfe, the rush hours and the shirt of working in an office. I will not deceive you, with the sweat (and the mixture of heat of all the people of the Plaza de Catalunya station in Barcelona without air conditioning) the shirt sticks to the body. The feeling is worse than the curtain touching you in the shower.

When I get home, with the affection to wear a short-sleeved shirt, life looks different.

But of course, although I am not a swimmer, it seems that I have left the hanger on.

The fact is that the boy’s short-sleeved shirts do not fit well, those of a girl are narrow, short and accentuate me hip. Everything a problem. Especially when it is volcanic heat. Not only the soil is lava.

I thought: “If it does not exist, I will do it”.

About me: I like to dress comfortably, talk on the balcony, invent songs and dances, I laugh when people falls and try not to eat anything animal. I can not stay without knowing something, I need to look for it. I like to read, play the piano and listen to monologues or humor programs while I work.