In compliance of the Law Real Decree 13/2012, on 30th of March which ammends the Society Services of Information Law, and in relation to the use of cookies on websites; COURLIE informs you that this website uses cookies for measure and analyse the traffic on the website, in order to ensure your experience as user and provide a better service.

It is part of the Privacy Policy of the Web Site (onwards the “Website”). If you continue navigating we consider that you accept and consent not only the Privacy Policy but also the use of cookies in this web site, which are described below.

1. Definition and functions of cookies

A cookies is a small text file which a website storage in your computer, phone or any other device with information about your navigation behaviour in such website.

Cookies permits a website, among others, storage and recover information about navigation habits of the users or their devices. Depending of the obtained information and the way that the device uses it, cookies can be used to know the user and improve the navigation by making it comfortable without damaging the computer.

2. What are cookies used for in this website?

The main objectives of our cookies are improve user’s navigation experience. They are an essential part of how our website works because through cookies we collect information about how you use our content. To do this, we use our own and third party cookies, which allow us to perform the analysis of user navigation.

All the obtained information through cookies let us to customize the content depending on your interests, but, in under no circumstances, our cookies obtain personal data, neither they can read data or other cookies from your computer or device. In this sense, we have only access to the personal information that you provide us by our contact forms.

Specifically, our cookies provide us the following information: .

– The name of the networks’ provider domain. For example, if your provider is XXX we only identify you with the domain By these procedure we can elaborate statistics about countries and servers which visit more frequently our website.
– Time and date of accessing the website and the time that the user remains in it. That let us know which is the most affluence hour and make adjustment on prices to prevent the saturation of the website.
– The internet address (URL) from where is placed the link to our website. Thanks to that, we can know the effectiveness of the different banners and links that point to our server. This way we can improve those with better results and satisfy the information needs of our users.
– The number of daily users in each content. That let us know the most successful areas and increase and improve its content in order to let the users obtain a more satisfying information. The information obtained is totally anonymous, which means that cannot be associate to an specific and identifiable user.
– The chosen language for each user in its first visit to our website and the restricted space.
– Security elements that takes part of the access control to restricted areas.
– The activity of users inside the website; links and places that the users access, pages visited, searches done, etc. That let us to improve the functionality of the website and make it more attractive and useful for the user.

3. Which type of cookies uses this website?

Technical Cookies: This kind of cookies give us information about the use that you do of the website.

Session Cookies: Designed to collect and storage data while the user access to a website. For example: when the user visits our catalog and picks some article/s, the session cookie reminds the choose, therefore the cart will have the articles that the user has chosen in the moment of making the payment. Without this session cookies, if you make click on the CHECKOUT, the new page won’t recognize your previous activity in the previous pages, and the cart page will remain forever empty.

Persistent Cookies: They help us to remind your information and adjustments when you visit again the website. The data remains storaged in the device and can be accessed and treated during a defined period of time by the responsible of the cookie, and can vary from minutes to years.

Advertising cookies: They are managed by us or by third parties. They let us manage the places where advertisements are placed on websites more efficiently. This way we can improve the adequacy of the advert content in the demanded service, or the use that can be done from our website. In this sense, we can analyse the user’s navigation habits and show them advertisements according to their navigation profile.

Behavioral advertising cookies: Are those which let us manage, more efficiently, the placement of adverts in which, in its case, the editor has included on a website, application or platform from where is provided the demanded service. This cookies storage information about the behavior of the users through the continued observation of their navigation habits. This let the development of a specific profile to show advertisements in a manner consistent.

Third party Cookies: The website ( can use third party service which, in name of COURLIE, will gather information with statistical purposes, of the use of the website by the user, and provide other services related to the activity of the website and other Internet services.

Particularly, this website uses the Google Analytics tool, which is an analytic service provided by Google, Inc. with addrress in the United States with headquarters in 1600 Amphiteatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043. Cookies are used to provide this services, collection information such user’s IP address, which will be transmitted, treated and storaged by Google in the prefixed terms of the website, including the possbile transmission of such information to third parties by required legal reasons or when such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. The settings or these cookies are default by the service provided by Google, reason why we suggest to visit the privacy website of Google Analytics, in order to obtain more information about the cookies that uses and how to disable them (understanding that we are not responsible of the content and thruthful of the third party websites).

4. How to eliminate or deactivate cookies.

You can configure your navigation browser in order to decline the use of cookies, but that could block some functionalities or limit the access to some other content in our website.

You can consult the steps to disable the installation of cookies in the Help sections of the navigation browsers’ websites.

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced Options. For more information, you can visit the Microsoft’s support or the Help option of the navigation.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings. For more information, you can visit the Mozilla’s support or the Help option of the navigation.

Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings. For more information, you can visit the Google’s support or the Help option of the navigation.

Safari: Preferences -> Security. For more information, you can visit the Apple’s support or the Help option of the navigation.

The user accepts specifically, by using this website, the treatment of information gathered in the way and reasons previously explained. Likewise, the users acknowledge to know the possibility to decline the treatment of those data or information by rejecting the use of Cookies by selecting the proper settings to this purpose in their navigator. While this blocking of Cookies option may cause not obtain all the functionalities of the web site.